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If you find Fleischer's Knitting and Crocheting manuals on eBay and they don't cost a fortune, pick them up - they have some beautiful designs in them. I think this Huntington Sweater from the Thirteenth Edition (1915) is pretty sweet. Also, Fleischer's used great paper, so the magazines tend to be in very nice shape.


Wouldn't this look great in, say, black or brown? I think it looks cool as is in this gold color, but I'd look like crap in it, so there ya go.

Workbasket, June, 1979. Who knew?


This McCall's How to Crochet from 1973 features a beautiful vest with corset-style lacing in the front. I think it works in these colors, but would look smashing in grey/black for an edgier feel.


I think this vest from 1919 is a stunner with beautiful tailoring. Corticelli had lovely designs and is worth seeking out on auction sites. This particular issue featured Irene Castle on the cover and throughout the magazine.


Um, does it show that I really like vests? I thought so. Anyway, while the hat screams 1995 when it appeared in McCall's Crochet magazine, I think the vest is interesting enough to transcend it's period. Period.

Can we talk hot? And this is Woman's Day??? Holy crap! I wouldn't touch a thing here! In fact, I'm on the lookout for some serious ochre gloves and belt to match this amazing jacket!


Woman's Day 1950 -- again! The description called this a bed jacket in pink nylon. How cool would it be with a black high-waisted pencil skirt? Very!

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